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When is time to have a brand workshop for your business?

Updated: Apr 14

A branding workshop is an indispensable tool for any business that wants to create an effective brand identity – one that represents your company’s core values and will resonate with key target audiences.

A brand workshop involves a series of activities to help you define your brand proposition.

It makes the business goals and core values clear and it outlines the vision for the future, where the brand ultimately wants to be. it is run by a facilitator (Brand Consultant) that prompts you to answer a series of questions, like BRAND THERAPY.

Branding workshops benefit entrepreneurs, venture-backed startups, small businesses, CEO's, and marketing teams who seek clear communication of their brand’s “Ideal clients, Brand Attributes & TONE OF VOICE”.

This gap in understanding is filled with a result from leadership knowing - what their company’s true “Advantage” is themselves. This is where a branding workshop deliver the most important clarity.

"As category after category gets disrupted, as competition gets fiercer, it’s no longer enough to have a great idea, or a better price, or faster shipping. Founders need to be thinking about brand from before day one; it needs to be embedded in their culture from the very start. They need to build a brand that people will fall madly in love with at first sight, and they need to do it before they even launch"

—Emily Heyward

A Logo, tagline & name is NOT a Brand - YET..!!

A brand is the perception your clients have in their minds about your business. Branding helps business owners direct the perception to the things that make YOU unique and make those clients chose YOU over the the others.

7 signs a brand workshop is for you:

1 Lack of clarity in WHO YOU ARE

Ask yourself:

Why am I better than the competition?" or "How can I excel?"

If you're struggling to articulate your competitive edge or identify what makes you truly unique in your industry, a workshop can help uncover these essential insights and lay the groundwork for a strong, differentiated brand identity.

It can provide clarity and direction by uncovering what sets you apart from competitors and how you can leverage those unique qualities to your advantage.

2 Your Business Appears Disjointed

Your brand needs to reflect the current state of your company's capabilities, breadth of services.

If you have updated your website and materials sporadically and without a clear brand strategy, it's very likely what potential clients see is only a fragmented picture of what your organization actually does.

In essence, you don't want your brand to oversell your capabilities or undersell what you can do.


Decision-makers want to know what they're buying. Your brand needs to tell that story accurately. If it does not, your operation will look disorganized, or even worse, unfocused.

At BRS Branding we find this problem a lot, but the underlying cause is always a lack of direction in some shape or form.

3 Your Branded Materials Are Inconsistent

Take 30 minutes to do this exercise, and we'll bet you'll instantly be able to get an initial diagnoses of your brand's health:

When you put your home page on the big screen conference room, and fan out your promotional materials in all their glory, what do you see?

If you've tweaked your website in a reactive way for years and you've produced print materials in house on a need only basis, what you'll see is a batch of materials that look like they're from very different companies.

Some examples of this are:

  • Business cards leftover from ten years ago and some that are more updated

  • Logo treatments that look one way on your website, another way on your brochure and perhaps are not used at all when they should be

  • Inconsistent use of color across all your materials

  • Messaging in your copy and headers that reflect the current state of your brand in some places but not in others

  • Scope of services lists that are inconsistent across your promotional materials and digital footprint 

You might have a sense that your branding is off, but do this quick exercise to confirm your suspicion. It will also give you a sense of the scope of branding work you might need. 

Inconsistent marketing and visual materials can significantly undermine a brand's credibility and clarity, ultimately leading to a confusing brand story. When customers encounter mixed messages or disjointed visuals across various touch points, it creates confusion and erodes trust in the brand. A cohesive and consistent brand story is crucial for building brand recognition and loyalty. This is where a brand workshop comes in.

The perception your clients may have is of an improvised company with improvised services, not serious enough and probably not worth the money you are asking for.

And we ask you? Why shouldn´t you invest in your brand when your competitors are?

4 The company has plans of expansion an adding new services and y YOU ARE READY FOR THE NEXT LEVEL

If you have been in business for years and are ready to go to the next level with a firmer foot, a brand workshop is ideal since it will help you have a long term vision for the next years.

A brand workshop serves as a comprehensive and strategic approach to understanding, entering, and expanding into new markets. Through collaborative analysis, planning, and adaptation, companies can enhance their market entry strategies, minimize risks, and position themselves for long-term success and growth.

Assess market gaps:A brand workshop provides a platform to assess the competitive landscape in new markets, analyzing competitors' strengths, weaknesses, and market positioning. This enables companies to identify gaps in the market and develop strategies to differentiate themselves effectively.

A tool for ongoing testing: A brand workshop isn't just a one-time event; it's an ongoing process of exploration and refinement. After initial market research and strategy development, companies can implement pilot programs or small-scale launches to test their approach in new markets. The workshop provides a platform for teams to review feedback, analyze performance data, and iterate on their strategies based on real-world insights, ensuring continuous improvement and adaptation.

5 Potential Customers and Existing Clients Don't Really Know What You Do

If you have potential customers and existing clients saying, "I didn't know you guys did that!", again and again, it's a very clear indication that your branding needs to be refreshed.

6 Lot´s of guess work

Gone are the days of guess work and wasted resources. In the past, businesses often found themselves in a cycle of trial and error, unsure of what strategies would yield the desired results

Lots of the guess work is diminished when you run a brand workshop. It helps yo get clear on what you want and what you are good at plus it is a tool to make informed decisions and measure your efforts.

7 You need to fall in love all over again with your business.

Business are run by people. People who often fails is because they are just doing it for the financial gains and not liking a bit of what they do. When things get ugly, it is harder for them to overcome those times since they are not in love with what they do.

No longer are you simply chasing profits; you're pursuing a higher calling, driven by a deep-seated belief in the transformative power of your mission.

So, dare to dream big. Dare to envision a future where your business isn't just successful—it's legendary. And let your brand workshop be the catalyst that propels you towards that bold, brilliant future, one inspired decision at a time.

if you think you are ready to embark on this fascinating process, let´s chat.

Blanca Ruíz

Brand Consultant


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