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Design that can't be ignored

Over 15 years of experience working as a Graphic Designer. An entrepreneur at heart, understanding not just the creative needs of our clients but going deeper, to approach every project both as a creative and as a business and brand consultant.

"Tell the truth but make it extraordinary"

Creative thinking is more powerful when paired with strategy.

Know what makes your brand unique.

Discovering what makes your brand stand out from the competition in a crowded market, will help you differentiate yourself in a more clear way.

Know your ideal client.

Knowing who your ideal client is.Her wishes and desires helps create a message that feels personal to them and makes it easier to connect on a deeper level. They feel you are speaking to them directly.


Brand Strategy & Workshops


identity Design

  • Logo design
  • Brand Identity + Campaigns
  • Visual Language + Art Direction
  • Brand Guidelines + Playbooks
  • StyleGuides for the Licensing Industry in the area of soft goods and apparel.
  • Design Production + Execution
  • Packaging 
  • Social Media Templates


Creative Direction

More than 18 yers. of experience as a graphic designer and entrepreneur, allow me to have a team of collaborators to tackle complex projects involving photography, website design, video production, illustration, soft goods product development.


Brand affiliation workshops for employees.



Lifestyle Brands that want to stand out from the crowd with a unique concept.





Real State developments

Lifestyle brands

Wellness industry


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