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A double life between story telling and brand identity design

I have a double life...

Sort of what Harry Potter had.

In my more "serious" version, I do Brand and Identity design.

What my clients in this area may not know is that my "other" version is what fuels my imagination and makes me a little different from your regular BRAND CONSULTANT.


My brain is wired differently since I was a kid.

Once I have done all the serious stuff with the Brand Workshop, my imagination starts running wild !

Seriously wild! in order to come up with: 

A concept,

An angle,

An idea, that tells the story of their brand in unique ways. I am wired to see my client`s brand as a blank page, that needs to tell a story. Not just the logo and color palette. It is the whole "world" we are creating for their brand.

This comes from the "fantasy double version of me"

The one who creates cartoon characters, creates stories, products and all sorts of things in this area. With the added value that this has also been a profitable business and has helped me to learn A LOT about running a business on my own

So yeah!

You can hire me to do Brand identity for your business,

Or you can ask me to do your style guide for your IP

At BRS Branding we design BRANDS that tell a story and connect with your audience.

Contact me at or email me

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