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Visualizing Success: HeartZen’s Branding blueprint.

Designing the roadmap for a successful brand.

One of my newest projects has taken me on an amazing journey with my clients Julian, a Swiss entrepreneur with an MBA and Maricela, a creative visionary and entrepreneur with a major in Finances

Julian and Maricela contacted me because they needed help launching their brand in AMAZON.

Their brand is about lifestyle and wellness with printed and digital tools for inner transformation, such as affirmation cards, journals and meditations.

They specifically were interested in the power of a brand workshop, as they felt they didn´t have enough clarity about the direction of their brand.

"When you know what you do and why you are doing it, the how´s become so obvious!"

Our journey together began with a 4 hour workshop split into 4 sessions and "homework" they had to do. From the beginning, I could tell how clarifying this was going to be and I watched them becoming more and more enthusiastic (if that was possible) about their new venture. The workshop yielded great insights.

But perhaps the biggest takeaway for them was: AN INCREASED LEVEL OF CONFIDENCE IN THEIR BIG VISION.

"Now, they have a roadmap to follow and a starting point."

We came up with the foundation of their whole brand that will include not only visuals, but messaging and product development.

As we had a clear vision, it was time to create the TAGLINE, a phrase that will guide me as a designer to create their new logo. Style-scapes were also provided so we can all agree on the look and feel of the brand.

The selected logo speaks volumes about HEARTZEN core values and positioning statement. A heart that is blooming again, in peaceful transformation, growing and expanding....

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