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Starting with the right foot 
Industry: Wellness /Lifestyle
Strategy workshop
Logo Design
Brand Identity Manual
Social Media


Help a Swiss client who manufactures wellness products in Asia and sells them on Amazon USA to start on the right foot by identifying what made HEARTZEN unique  and steer them in the right direction as they embark with this new brand in Amazon market  place.


We conducted a brand workshop to help the client define their target audience and unique selling points while analyzing competitors. This process helped the founders discover their unique qualities as a team, which was later translated into the company's philosophy. We also assisted in finding the brand's voice and created a visual identity, including a logo, social media assets, identity manual, and website. 

Over a four 1 hr. sessions with the partners, we surfaced what makes this brand unique and different from all other companies in the same industry. 

Values are the foundation of everything, from building the brand to approaching product development and communications.

HeartZense BRS Brand Workshop Templates.jpg

Our workshop was an inclredible discovery journey where the clients where able to understand the DNA of their brand.
We went from defining:


  • Clear vision

  • Mission

  • Identify Avatars

  • SWOT analysis

  • Create a positioning statement

  • A document where all these elements fit together to create the visual identity and for marketing teams guidance.

Brand Archetype: Magician

Brand promise: Transformation, empowering individuals to unlock their inner potential and experience the extraordinary.

Motto: "“Unleashing the power of transformation,”

Goal: Make your dreams come to life

Desire: Turn goals into reality.

Personality:  Wise, thoughtful, understanding, reflective, healing, and contemplative.


The chosen stylescape allowed us to align on the brand's visual identity, which is associated with Sunrise, Peaceful living, natural elements, and soft light.

style scape_hearZsense_v3-01_edited.jpg

The logo

A heart that is reborn after winter.  Springtime and sprouts signal new beginnings, the sunrise of a new season, more peaceful. A heart blooming, ignited by a new sense of hope, knowing that it has all the resources needed for a new way to live life and love it.

A strong connection to all-natural elements.
Inner growth and evolution
Constant regeneration
A fruitful heart

Inner sprout Associations: Natural living Zen philosophy
MENUArtboard 1-100.jpg

A heart flourishing again...

heartzen identity manual design
HEARTZEN_ meeting room black wall.jpg
Next Case Study: Tara Wellness Center
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