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6 Ways to create a Brand that turns heads. Build a successful brand.

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6 ways to create a brand that turns heads

So you know this feeling when you just look in the mirror and say to yourself! Dam I look good today! You go out and all heads are turning towards you?

Imagine having that exact feeling for your brand.

But first, let's acknowledge that in both cases is about the right mindset + right looks, isn`t it?  Here are 6 ways yo can build a successful brand that turns heads:

1) Look your best.

Picture this, you are at this networking event, lots of your competitors and potential clients are there, and you see this great company that is your top competitor handing out marketing materials that SREAM AWESOME. What do you feel about yours?

Do this:

Take an honest look at your logo and marketing materials? Do you really LIKE them? Do they reflect the kind of quality you have?

Work on creating a branding that you love.

Make it distinctive





Dress for the occasion to increase your confidence. A successful brand looks like it!

2) Find what makes YOU UNIQUE and be exceptional at it.

You are at that same event or are browsing your competitor's websites and think,- oh! , I should be saying this - then go to the next and say, - I should also be saying this as well.

 The problem here is that you are saying things reactively, with no strategy at all.

Do this:

a) Examine your products and services and ask yourself if you would buy from you? 

Are you honestly offering the quality that your clients need?

Or perhaps is a service? Or maybe your excellence is performance, design, and time of delivery?

Be exceptional at one thing and proficient in everything else

3) Be clear.

Can you articulate in a very clear way why your customers should choose YOU over your competitors?

If you fail to do this you are swimming in a sea of sameness.

Do this:

The magic here is about matching what makes YOU UNIQUE (you found out in the previous step) with THAT BEST THING YOUR CLIENTS ARE LOOKING FOR. 

How? Research ! Research ! Research !

Be your client´s definition of best choice

4) Be consistent and build trust.

We are what we repeatedly do.

This is all about communicating that core thing consistently through:

Your visuals and your messages.

If one day you say something, an other day an other, or perhaps you are producing your visuals in-house, you or your designer decide that they should tweak your visual identity, the colors, the fonts just because, without any strategic thinking behind those decisions, is like a Police officer going to work wearing a gymnastic custom one day, another day casual clothing and so on. People wouldn’t trust him at all!

Do this:

Have a visual identity system in place

Have a brand strategy system in place, with messaging guidelines, tone of voice used for all your communications, so everybody involved with your brand will know what to do and why.

Successful brands have a goal and a plan. No plan, no end goal!

5) Show up and show your value

"Showing up is 90% of the battle, make sure your hair is really cute" William Belli

You do not show up, nobody sees you. Period!

Do this:

Build a website

Have socials (not all businesses need to have all of them)

Have a blog

A newsletter

Show up in all your socials, communicate your core message, show your value, deducate them, over, and over, and over again in as many forms as you can and when they come, make sure you are ready for that. (Which You did in step number 1)

6) Hire Someone to Streamline This Process.

"Successful people spend money to save time"

Are you're struggling to accomplish these steps?

Don´t know where to start?

Feel confused?

You know you can do things better?

You tried to do this yourself or in-house but are unsatisfied with the results?

Do you know there is a methodology to do build your brand?

Do this:

Consider hiring someone to help you build a brand you and your customers will love.


Do you know there is a methodology to do this? Do you know what is a brand workshop?

Hi Let`s talk. I am Blanca Ruíz, Brand consultant, Identity and graphic designer.

I can help you find what makes you unique and build a brand you and your customers will love

These are some of the take aways from a brand workshop with me:

  1. You will discover what makes you unique

  2. You will know what to say, how to say it and most importantly, why you are saying it.

  3. When you know your value, you show up with more confidence with your clients.

  4. You will save time since this is a methodology that takes place over 1 month period or 3-4 months for larger companies

  5. You will save money: Avoid trial an error methods that cost money and lead you nowhere.

  6. And much more!

Book a call to discuss your goals and ways I can help you

BRS Branding

Brand Consultant, Identity Design, Product Development, Style Guides designer


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