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View of Moon luxury real estate development with logo design

Moon Penthouses

Rebranding a  luxury real estate development in Baja California Sur, Mexico.
Industry: Real State /Hospitality

Strategy workshop
Identity Design
Digital borchure


Our client needed to attract the interest of potential vacation home buyers from USA and Canada. Since most of the times the first point of contact is digital, their Identity Design and marketing materials should spark the interest and showcase the beautiful design of this real estate development and speak of the outstanding features  compared to its competitors in the area. Their current branding didn't reflect exactly these points and thus, was not generating enough leads and in person appointments to visit the sample house. 


The studio began by guiding the client in a brand workshop to define their target customer and selling points while considering competitors. We then created a visual identity with a new logo, social media assets and digital brochure, along with a tagline and messaging for use in marketing and sales. 

A second stage of the real estate development is about to start and also the rest of the identity, which includes website.

Over a two 4 hrs. sessions with the partners and 1 hr. session with the sales team, we surfaced the challenges MOON penthouses was facing. They prioritized the needs and goals of the business and its customers. 
Graphic to describe Moon customer journey as part of brand strategy workshop

It is all about the beach, laid back luxury and adventure and living a dream.

Graphic describing process to discover Moon ideal client

This became the foundation for the branding and marketing plans for the entire development and even helped them discover future business opportunities in the area. Key selling points were discovered and used for messaging.

Brand Archetype: Explorer:

Brand promise: FREEDOM

Motto: "where we're going. we don't need roads"

Goal: To live an exciting and fulfilling life

Desire: To have the freedom to explore and discover

Personality:  the Explorer is very candid, illustrated by traveling and exploring the world and getting out into nature and the environment.

Moon logo and insp0iration process

With all the information gathered in the workshop, we were able to identify key points that made MOON different and unique. The information was very useful to create messaging for marketing materials. The digital brochure is a key component of MOON`s sales strategy. 

Moon borchure cover with logo
Moon logo design with deep water effect
Moon messaging and identity design implementation


Color palette inspired  in the amazing colors of the sunset and deep blue ocean. 

The beautiful colors of the sunset in the Pacific Ocean and the calming hues of the sea, are the inspiration of this palette. The amazing location of the development at the top of a hill, facing the sea is one of the major its attributes  with stunning views that take you into a dream.

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Sales material.

Moon sationery design
Moon Binder desgin for sales collateral

Stationery and sales material.

After the interviews during the strategy workshop, we discovered key messaging points to be used by sales and marketing team.

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