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Kindness in the workplace
Industry: Wellness /Consultant / Lifestyle

Brand workshop
Identity Design
Social media templates



The case study involves the development of a brand identity for Be Kind Life, a consulting company focused on promoting kindness in the workplace. The founder, who had previously worked as a personal coach, wanted to transition her expertise to the corporate environment and help companies create a better workplace culture for their employees. The challenge was to create a brand identity that effectively communicated the company's services about promoting kindness and compassion in the workplace while also appealing to its corporate clients. The identity needed to convey a sense of professionalism and credibility while also being approachable and relatable.



To create the identity for Be Kind Life, we followed a thorough process that began with a brand workshop and interviews with HR directors on behalf of our client. Through these consultations, we discovered that the work environment, had a significant impact on a company's bottomline and  on its stock prices. This insight gave us a unique selling point to make Be Kind Life stand out from other consultants in the industry. The identity system for Be Kind Life effectively communicates the company's message and values in a professional and compelling manner . The messaging emphasizes the tangible benefits of promoting kindness and compassion.


Style-scapes allow us to get on the same page with our clients in terms of aesthetics. This style scape was the selected one by our client.
It is all about connection

The logo

The logo features a series of interconnected dots, representing the interconnectedness of individuals within a workplace and the importance of fostering positive relationships.

"Connecting to a Kind Culture"

The tagline, "Connecting to a Kinde Culture," succinctly conveys the company's mission and values.

Social media templates and messaging

The client needed to be able to customize all her social media content independently. We created a system of visual assets and a manual on how to combine them, so the client content will always remain on brand.

The messaging for Be Kind Life focuses on the importance of kindness and compassion in the workplace, and the tangible benefits this can bring to a company's bottom line. The tagline, "Connecting the Dots to a Kinder Culture," succinctly conveys the company's mission and values

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