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logo mexican restaurant Bocado

Restaurant Bocado

Traditional Mexican Food
Industry: Hospitality / Food

Identity Design
Salsa Packaging



The client required a clear definition of their target customer demographic and a distinctive visual identity in order to initiate the development of the entire restaurant concept. While they had initially pinpointed certain crucial elements, they sought further reassurance and a deeper understanding to solidify their approach.



BRS Studio initiated a comprehensive 2-hour brand workshop aimed at assisting the client in refining the concept he envisioned, while concurrently pinpointing his target audience.


Once we had a vivid understanding of our client's vision, passion, and desired customer base, we crafted a logo and established a foundational visual identity that authentically encapsulated the essence of the brand.




The gastronomic archetype par excellence. That of sensory pleasures and union with others (or with oneself). These are brands that are irresistibly delicious, those that, when you see, read or hear them, awaken your most primal, wild and uncontrollable side in you:

You want what they offer you, and you want it now!



Objective: care, protect and procure.


Fear: Danger, the unknown.


Projects: Generosity, kindness, dedication, protection.


Strategy. Communicate the will to serve, to do things well, as they should be, which in this case translates into Mexican food the way your grandma did it, which is the RIGHT WAY!


Following a comprehensive Brand Strategy session, we successfully formulated customer personas by considering a range of factors, including:


  • The distinctive attributes that set this restaurant apart.

  • The elements of utmost significance to our clientele.

  • Our client’s areas of expertise and excellence.

Furthermore, we meticulously factored in the competitive landscape to precisely create the optimal positioning strategy.

Interior Desgin Mexican Restaurant Bocado
Customer Segments
The Family
The Friends
The Businessmen

The logo

Tagline: Comida de Antojo
(Food for your cravings )

  • Facebook - White Circle
  • LinkedIn - White Circle
  • Twitter - White Circle

Our logo design features a playful spoon, just moments away from taking a  bite out of one of the letters. It's like you're about to experience the joy of tasting right before your eyes!


The gentle curves and careful details in the design perfectly capture the excitement of flavors waiting to be explored.


The type face selected evoques Mexico from the 1900`s. 

logos Bocado restauran color variations
Restaurant menu design

Our menu design captures the cozy charm of old Mexican buildings, with textures that feel as warm as a hug. Inspired by lively Mexican vibes, the colors burst with earthy tones and lively hues.

Think of our menu as a storyteller, just like the walls of a historic hacienda. It weaves a tale of tradition, heritage, and flavors that have been loved for generations. With each look, you'll feel the authenticity and the love for real traditional Mexican cuisine.


Salsa Bottle

Our client shared their beloved family salsa recipe, a spicy sensation that has been the talk of friends for years. With excitement, we set out to capture the zesty and irresistible magic of this salsa through packaging and a playful tag. Serrano chiles are the center piece of this design with some fire coming out from the back. 

Salsa Bocado packaging design and tag
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